What to expect when fostering a teenager

What to expect when fostering a teenager

Fostering teenagers is a hugely rewarding and often overlooked type of foster care. There is a real need in Wales for families to foster teenagers, with nearly half of all looked after children in care being between the ages of 11 -18 years old.

It’s commonly thought that teenagers are more of a challenge to parent than younger children. However, many experienced foster carers would argue that it’s actually a different experience rather than a more challenging one.

For example, caring for a teenager can often be easier than caring for younger children, as they are usually in full-time education, more independent and are able to take care of themselves on a more practical level.

As teenagers are learning to develop independence and make tougher decisions as they transition to adulthood, a stable foster home can help support them. At Foster Wales Caerphilly we love the positive outcomes that inspire our looked after young people.

So we’ve asked one of our Foster Wales Caerphilly foster carers to share why they choose to foster a teenager with their local authority.

Janine’s Story

Why did you choose to foster teenagers?

Life for a teenager is so fragile and difficult but with the right support, advice and boundaries you can build some lovely relationships. I currently support 3 young adults who have grown up with me.

What advice would you give someone fostering a teenager?

Early on, I encouraged open communication on all topics which built the foundation for teenage years.  We can talk openly, discuss issues and support each other through difficult times. I am mindful to look at stage not age when in conversation. 

Why do you like fostering teenagers?

We watch movies together, go shopping, enjoy music and gigs and go for food, which is very different with younger children. Seeing them develop into young adults is very rewarding.

They come with challenges but giving them respect and choices throughout their teenage years, allowing them to make mistakes and guiding them through it fills me with joy (after the fact).

I believe that making changes for them allows them to make changes for you, to help them settle, feel supported and that they belong reaps the rewards later.

Why foster with Foster Wales Caerphilly

There are plenty of reasons to become a foster carer in Caerphilly. Ultimately, choosing Foster Wales is about putting the happiness, welfare and best interest of local children first. Working together to make them happy, makes us happy in return.

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