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already fostering?

already fostering?

The Foster Wales team has one goal and one goal only – to make the people we work with happy. We don’t work for profits, we work for people – to enhance the futures of children all over Wales.

If you’re already fostering with one of the 22 Local Authorities across Wales, then you’re part of Foster Wales already! If not, then we make the switch to us as easy as possible.

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how to transfer

To make the switch to us, all you have to do is contact Foster Wales Caerphilly.

Our amazing staff will then assess how things will work for you and the children you care for, as part of our Caerphilly community. We will utilise all the resources we have to ensure a safe and seamless transfer to our services.

why transfer

We’re certain that as an already experienced foster carer, you’re doing a superb job in caring for those who need you. What we can offer are the incredible resources available to the Foster Wales family. Resources that could potentially enhance your caring abilities even further.

It’s our passion to put forward the very best opportunities for you as a foster carer. We want to empower you with the highest quality training and support, that in turn will help children across the country reach their potential.

Want to join us? Find out more about the rewards and support we offer.

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