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Linda and Pete: You’re never too old to foster

Linda and Pete became foster carers after deciding they wanted to make a difference in older children’s lives.

The foster family

A married couple of 40 years, Linda and Pete decided to look into fostering once their own children had grown up and they were able to take early retirement

“Suddenly, we had a bit more time on our hands, so it felt right to start the process of becoming foster parents.”

Getting to know our Caerphilly team helped Linda and Pete decide they were making the right decision.

“We got a sense that we were talking to people on the same level as us, who just want to make things better for children. We felt that we maybe had a lot more to give to older kids”

“It’s become like one big extended family”

Linda and Pete’s first foster child was a 12-year-old girl. At first, things were a little rocky, but the change has been remarkable.

“She was a bit wild at times and was often in trouble. We helped her to control her emotions differently. That was a long time ago… now she’s in university and has a part time job. It won’t be long before she’s standing on her own two feet but she will always be part of our family.”

Now, Linda and Pete also help care for a 13-year-old girl who needed a bit of stability at this important stage of her life.

“She’s been with us for nearly six months now and it’s been great to see her growing in confidence every day”.

“We’re part of a community”

Linda and Pete don’t feel alone as foster carers. Instead, they’re closely connected with a network of other foster carers, with professionals and with the whole Caerphilly team.

“There are so many people to turn to for advice, and so much training and support from the team. It’s given us a new lease of life!”

Want to start your own fostering journey?

If reading Linda and Pete’s story has encouraged you to look into becoming a foster carer, then we’d love to hear from you. Contact our team today to get started.

Find out more about how fostering works and what it could mean for you.

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